This is the section where I'm supposed to tell you that I am an internationally recognized wildlife photographer with numerous accolades to my name, but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. Unless, that is, you count an appearance of one of my adder images on Springwatch and a photo of lekking black grouse in a Woodland Trust publication. If fame and fortune comes about eventually then fine, but in the meantime I am just enjoying my photography, and trying to do it to the best of my ability. In fact, I don't consider myself to be a wildlife photographer per se. Rather, I think of myself more of a naturalist trying to capture the essence or behaviour of an animal or group of animals. Hopefully that comes across in my images, and in the  blog section which you might find worth a read if you have a spare few minutes.

Although being born and raised in Lancashire, I have spent most of my adult life in the north-east London / Southwest Essex area of the United Kingdom, which wasn't easy at first as they speak a different language down here! I am a Dental Surgeon by training and have run my own practice for the past 34 years.

Like many people I have dipped in and out of photography over the years, until it became considerably easier in the digital age, and only in the last few years has it consumed more of my spare time. Before that I had expressed my love of nature as a serious interest in Conchology, which began in my in childhood and lasted 40+ years. I took that as far as I could scientifically, publishing  X papers and describing   new species in the process. Many of these were of microscopic size so I was forced to develop an interest in macro photography in order to be able to produce for publication the colour and black and white plates of the shell specimens and animals I was studying. Once I moved on from the shells, my interest in photography evolved and blended seamlessly with my continuing passion for the natural world and documenting my encounters and observations.

So I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery images and reading about my exploits in the blog section. I'll try and keep it entertaining and informative in equal measure, and if you want to leave a comment or get in touch, please feel free to use the contact page. Thank you.

It was so much fun working with you and the pictures look so great, thank you!


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